Signs and Structures

Selecting the appropriate materials and creating a systematic approach to messaging and display will improve visual quality of the park, reduce clutter and lower maintenance. This approach in turn will help eliminate the hassles of keeping a system looking fresh and enhance the way a visitor is guided and informed.


Terrabilt offers eighteen structure types designed specifically for signing parks, trails and preserves. Each type of structure is available in a variety of sizes, and many structures accommodate display of a single panel or groups of panels (modules) and accessories that fit into the overall posting area. Structures and panels are "green manufactured" with reclaimed/sustainable materials.  

Park sign programs generally use a combination of single post, double post and wall mount assemblies. These are augmented with site-specific structures that include identification signs, wayside exhibits, finger board guide signs, cruciform guide signs, waypoints on trails and traffic regulatory signs.

Overall size, mounting heights and panel sizes will vary depending on content and viewing requirements.

Structure Group 1

Conservation is reflected in every assembly

All structures and panels are "green” manufactured" with reclaimed/sustainable materials, and most materials are recyclable. No VOCs in any process. Structures, from a single post campsite marker, a single or double post assembly or larger kiosks with roof are all rated for 50 years and require little more than a periodic washing with soap and water. The life of the assembly above ground or below is equally durable as directly embedded structures will not rot, and will not leech or off-gas into the surrounding environment. 

Durable Sign Panel Options

Graphic panels are durable and supported by a 10-year warranty. This includes non-reflective high-resolution graphics for general information signs, maps, and interpretive graphics; and retro-reflective for motorist guide, traffic regulatory and campsite markers. These are bright digitally imaged panels with abrasion resistant surfaces and UV coatings for durability. Options are:

• Fused Image Aluminum (FIA) sign panels with high resolution imagery. 

• Retroreflective signs (TRR) for motorist guidance and traffic regulatory use.

Structure Group 3

Modular Signs and Accessories

The Terrabilt module is based on 16” x 12” rectangle (W x H). This is used as a way to mount various configurations of panels in an orderly display of modules (signs and accessories) of various sizes within kiosks and wall mounted assemblies as well as: single post, double post outboard, inline and selected assemblies for double post inboard.

This system is ideally suited for posting more than one panel that may include a map with instructions, information and bulletin cabinet or brochure holder. This affords uniformity in presentation of information with flexibility in size of panels within the overall display. Using a modular approach, one panel can be upgraded without replacing the entire display. This also includes seasonal postings in which a three-season message is printed on one side and the winter message on the other. Flipping the panel over seasonally is a simple way to control image management.

Sign Panel Size

Signs typically vary from as little as 4.75” wide to 64” depending on application. Formal identification signs may be much larger.

In the design process, signs are to be sized to the graphic content and proportioned to the application as they fit into the park landscape. This includes options for panel size (widths and height), selection of mounting height above grade level (HAGL) and modular panel display systems for many assemblies.

Structure group 2

Most Terrabilt structures are mounted by direct embedment excepting where site conditions such as bedrock require other methods. Direct embedment eliminates the need for concrete in the ground as posts are secured with a stabilizer panel mounted to the embedded section of the post and an auger drilled mounting hole backfilled with gravel. This simple mounting cuts costs and allows a post to be removed if needed.

Large Terrabilt structures, including kiosks, single post flag and double post identification signs, fingerboard and cruciform guide panels will require a concrete footing and mounting to baseplate. Where standard footings are used, an engineered baseplate and bolts are included in the assembly kit. All assemblies include instructions and come with all hardware for assembly and mounting of sign panels.

Vandal Resistant

Signs are captured using a retainer system that pin connects to panels and is secured with tamper resistant hardware. Graphics are finished with a top coating that allows cleaning without damaging the printed graphics. Graffiti and paint is easily removed from structures without damage to the surface.

Non Corrosive

Terrabilt structures are impervious to salt air, sign panels are top coated to prevent surface oxidation. Mechanical fasteners are non-corrosive making Terrabilt ideal for coastal, urban and wet environments. All baseplates, anchor bolts and structural brackets are hot-dip galvanized steel; aluminum panel retainers and structural straps are powder coated; all non-galvanized small bolts and screws are stainless steel.

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