Planning and Design

Park visitors do not come to see signage or maps; clear information and guidance are only missed when not effective. When the signage works, it is appreciated and messages are more likely to have intended impact. Visitors’ good experiences encourages return visits. 


Terrabilt provides complete program analysis, planning and graphic design and artwork production services. If a customer would prefer to design programs internally or with a consultant designer of their choice, Terrabilt will provide access to Signfolio® and all related templates for production.

We work with clients to create signs that welcome, orient and engage a visitor with clear and effective messaging. Design, both aesthetically and functionally can create visual order. Our modular system of panels provides a way to unify and organize guidance, informational and instructional signage, making displays orderly, easy to manage, and attractive.

Sign Program Design

No two parks are the same. It begins with us understanding the local conditions, uses and needs. Knowledge gained from our decades of experience designing for outdoor spaces and natural environments helps us provide clear options for your sign program design. 

We work with clients to create graphic standards adaptable to all aspects of a program. Visual elements include: typefaces, type sizes, color, formats, illustration, symbols and an editorial approach by function. Map design is also integral to program development. These are the elements for design application that relay the message of a park in a consistently clear, simple and easy to read format.

The Terrabilt team surveys sites and consults with local staff to learn about present usage, requirements or any challenges. Items may include:

•  Identification of park portal, to facilities and resource areas. 

•  Wayfinding on park roads, pedestrian paths and trails with trail maps compliant with ABA/ADA rules.

•  Rules for the overall park and site-specific park etiquette.

•  Instructions and information about fees, hours, self-registration and use of facilities.

•  Unique conditions that alert visitors to safety, wildlife or environmental issues involved with camping, fire prevention, water safety, surviving fast water, control of invasive species, bears awareness, food storage, leave-no-trace and other types of resource education.

•  Interpretation of cultural and natural history and conditions to enhance visitors’ appreciation and understanding.

Documentation, training and planning:

Once designed, sign program standards are documented as grids, templates or other formats. Standard designs that are used at all parks are created as “catalog” entries. Structures are specified for sign type/application. We train park staff and provide a client with guidelines on sign use, placement, sizing, etc. to help insure that programs are consistently signed for each park within a system. 

Our Team

 In developing a signage program, or teams are managed by designers with experience in determining the components and character of the solution. This team leader will offer expertise in graphic design, cartography, structure design. We can offer consultation with experts in interpretive planning and writing, illustration, cartography, and engineering. We pay close attention to image management, manufacturing schedule coordination and quality control. 

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