Mapping a park is integral to overall wayfinding at Terrabilt

If there is a single visual element that can influence the design of a wayfinding program, it is the map. This is generally not an issue if the facility is small and easy to understand upon entry. For larger facilities, a well-designed map clearly differentiating vehicular and pedestrian circulation routes and identifying facilities and points of interest can set a visitor up for a great experience. 

Whether it’s an overall system, a park within a system or a specific area within a park, the map is the magnet that attracts the visitors eye when they arrive at their destination. The design challenge is to create a clear picture of the area, allowing visitors to visually place themselves in the environment and feel comfortable as they begin their experience.

Every park is different and complexity and size will both impact on the final design. Attached are samples of maps designed as part of sign standards programs developed by Terrabilt. Each emphasizes a specific functional goal but the approach to design as described above is incorporated in each map.